How to Prepare a Board Presentation

A board presentation is a very important thing that a leadership team must do. The presentation gives a chance for management to discuss their goals, priorities, and performance so that the board can evaluate its performance and determine if it’s on the right track. The board also has a clear idea of where the business is within its field and how it compares to its competitors.

A great board presentation should consist of high-level information (such as balance sheets, income statements or cash flow statements) and more visual representations of the information. This includes charts that provide context by linking them to time periods or goals of the company and the performance of competitors, as examples of assets that illustrate specific strategies (such as a photo of a brand-new site or social media advertisement).

A successful board presentation requires using language that board members can comprehend and use. It is preferential to use metaphors that are easy for the board to comprehend and connect to, for example, the business’s growth or growing it, than using technical terms which can be confusing or overwhelming. It also means avoiding the jargon and incorporating an alphabetical glossary.

The board should also know how your strategy will impact the bottom line, and what’s required to get there. It’s a good idea to meet the person who asked you to speak prior to the meeting, or at least make a brief phone call to get a feel of the focus and to find out if there are some important elements to include in your board presentation.