Corporate Virtual Data

Corporate virtual data refers to the data that businesses share in a secure online environment. Documentation usually contains highly sensitive, crucial business data that is of huge significance to the organization or the company sharing it. VDRs are commonly used in M&A, due diligence, fundraising and other organizational events.

The Life Sciences industry, such as biotech and pharmaceutical companies, have very specific requirements for their online documents. They require a platform that is HIPAA-compliant and FDA-approved (business associates) to securely share documents with partners, auditors, portfolio companies, and other. VDRs provide these companies with security and encryption which allows them to keep track of the download of documents and access. The ability to set access time limits can help protect privacy in this important area.

Due Diligence

In M&A the process, it is unusual to disclose huge amounts of sensitive data to potential buyers. This requires an application that is secure and simple to navigate to simplify the process. VDRs make this possible and can speed up the process of getting the transaction completed.


Startups and other businesses that seek growth need to frequently reveal confidential information for investors to secure funding. This can be a long process that requires sifting through thousands of documents. Virtual data rooms make it much easier for investors to review the documents, ensuring an efficient and speedy process. This can also increase the bidding wars between bidders and may even increase the cost of business.